Join Us for 40 Days
February 5 – March 19

Questions You May Be Asking . . . .

Why are we doing a 40 Day Campaign?
This will provide us with an event to unify the whole church family together, growing in our spiritual maturity.

What is involved in the 40 days?
You are encouraged to purchase a 40 Day Journal so you can follow along with everyone.

  • Tuesdays from 7 – 8 pm, Group study
    –   hear a special teaching (notes in Journal)
    –  Discussion and prayer around tables with others
  • Sunday at 10:45 am, Morning Worship Service
    –  Our set-up will be around tables (Tuesday as well)
    –  Our Pastors will be teaching us about several key topics of prayer
  • What if I can’t be at every session?
    –  No problem, continue daily in the journal, and connect with a fellow table member to catch up.
  • What if I can’t pay for the journal?
    –  We have you covered, just let Lori Carlson know and she will ensure you can participate.

40 Days of Prayer Sunday Sermons

Do you Really Want to Grow?
A Beginners Guide to Prayer
Who Do You Think You Are Talking To?
Praying in Five Dimensions
How to Pray Throughout Your Day
How to Pray for Healing & Restoration
When God Says No

Our Elders have decided to postpone the Monthly
Prayer Summit for February and March

We are inviting all small groups, triads and study groups
to join us on Tuesdays.

Our goal is to experience the 40 Days together as a Whole church
as we spend time focussed on prayer.