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Serving At Parkview

There are many ways to get involved at Parkview and be a part of the gospel impact we have serving together.

Get Involved

Purposely Practice

We believe that our mission (Loving God and loving others in our church, in our community and in our world.) is not just something we do as a result of growing in our relationship with God, but it is also spurs on growth through practice. Thus, using our talents, spiritual gifts and sharing our faith are key elements to growing in our Christian lives.

It is our hope that everyone who calls Parkview home would serve in at least one area of ministry to grow in relationship with Jesus and connect with other people in our church and community. Below are descriptions of each of the areas of ministry that you can serve in. Let us know how you would like to get involved. Whatever interests and strengths you have, you can use them to contribute to what’s happening here at Parkview and in our community.

Please contact the church office or the individuals listed below to become involved and start using your gifts to serve others. There may be an area not listed below that you would like to serve in. You are not limited to the specific roles we have identified. We welcome your new ideas as well.

Worship Ministries

Our Worship Ministry Team serves Sunday mornings in a variety of ways. We are eager to welcome new faces to our team who serve joyfully together. Contact Donna Jones for more information or to become involved.  (donna@parkviewalliance.com)

  • Worship Leaders                • Audio Technicians
  • Singers                                 • Visual Media Technicians
  • Pianists                                • Video Camera Operators
  • Guitarists                             • Communion helpers
  • Bassists                                • Greeters & Ushers
  • Drummers
Adult Ministries

This includes our Life Groups (Small groups), Life Long Learning, Immersion seminars, and Men’s ministries. Adult ministries offer the Adults in our church a time and a place to get together and fellowship with one another, grow in their faith and delve deeper into God’s word. Contact Pastor Brad to become involved with our Adult Ministries. (brad@parkviewalliance.com)

  • Life Group Leaders
  • Life Long Learning Teachers
  • Immersion Seminar Hosts
  • Men’s Ministry
Youth & Young Adults

Our Youth ministry meets on Friday nights from 7 – 9:30 pm for youth grades 7 – 12. Our Young Adult community at Parkview includes those in the age group from 18 – 35 years. Pastor Adam helps the local College group made up of students that are attending Lakeland college.  He also oversees the Edge Youth ministry at our Downtown Office location and runs King’s Cafe on Tuesday evenings with the help of his wife Jessica. Contact Pastor Adam for more information or to volunteer and use your gifts in this area. (adam@parkviewalliance.com)

  • Edge Youth Drop-in (Thur.  3:30 – 6 pm weekly)
  • Youth Fusion volunteers (Fri.  7 – 9:30 pm weekly)
  • Occasional drivers, meal/snack providers, chaperones, fundraiser volunteers
  • Young Adults support persons to help with meals for events, rides, etc.
  • King’s Cafe helpers (Tues.  6:30 – 9:30 pm weekly)
  • Camp Bellevue Representative
Women’s Ministries, Care and Global Impact

Our women’s ministries give the women of our church an opportunity to fellowship together. There are several opportunities offered throughout the year, including weekly bible studies, occasional Ladies Retreats, monthly get togethers and special events. Check the weekly bulletin or facebook for details on upcoming events. Florence Tovell oversees the Women’s ministries, Global ministries, Prayer and Care ministries. Contact Florence for more information or to use your gifts in any of these areas. (florence@parkviewalliance.com)

  • Provide meals to new moms, the sick or those in need
  • Visitation in nursing home, lodge, hospital and homes
  • Intercessory prayer ministries
  • Women’s bible study leaders
  • Kitchen and church meals
Men’s Ministry

Men’s ministries give the men in our church a chance to get together and support one another. Check the church bulletin or facebook for events or opportunities coming up. Contact Pastor Brad to become involved and help the men of our church connect with one another. We welcome your input in this area and those willing to plan events. (brad@parkviewalliance.com)

Children’s Ministry

Many of our Children’s ministries run on Sunday mornings, but there are some other ways you can serve as well. Contact Sheri Tovell for more information or to become involved and serve in this area. (sheri@parkviewalliance.com)

  • Nursery workers (Sunday mornings)
  • KidVenture Teachers (Sunday mornings)
  • Illuminate helpers (two Fridays a month from 7 – 9 pm)
  • VBS leaders and staff (one week in August)
  • MATT (Mothers And Tiny Tots) – speakers, crafts and babysitters
  • Family Movie Night helpers

The Trendsetters are our Empty Nesters and beyond group. They meet the last Sunday of each month for lunch at Nick’s. The Trendsetters also get together for fellowship throughout the year in Life groups and small groups, for social events and for meals. The Mother’s Day Breakfast if provided by the Trendsetters group. Please contact Ray Wynnyk to become involved and use your gifts in this area. (rlwynnyk@hmsinet.ca)

  • Fellowship meal helpers
  • Event planners and helpers
Other Ministry Opportunities

We have several other areas where we need willing volunteers and you can use your gifts to serve others in our church. Check the bulletin or facebook for other opportunities as they arise. For more information contact the church office at office@parkviewalliance.com.

  • Sunday morning coffee servers
  • People willing to help look after the church grounds and facility
  • Library ministry
  • Soups On Friday ministry (twice a month at the Edge.)
  • Becoming involved in Sunday services at the Lodge and extended care (once a month)

Some our volunteers need to undergo a screening process and training. We appreciate all our volunteers and hope you will prayerfully consider where God would have you serve.