Vision & Mission

Several years ago we underwent a vision process where we consciously and deliberately listened to what God was calling us to as a faith community. We did this through several means including prayer, reflecting on how God has led Parkview in the past and listening to what God was saying through you, the congregation. This process culminated in an Elder’s vision retreat that was defined by anticipation, unity and courage. As a result of our vision, we have intentionally pursued authenticity and community engagement in new and exciting ways.

Our Mission:
Loving God and loving others in our church, in our community and in our world.

Our Vision:
Imperfect people sharing hope and love in our community.


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Discipleship Defined:
The ongoing pursuit of becoming a fully devoted follower of Jesus as led by the Spirit and guided by His Word. Over the last few years we have become aware of a trend toward apathy in regards to discipleship. This trend is not isolated to Parkview, and we do not want to site idly by while it continues. Therefore, we have chosen to be intentional about helping people grow in their relationship with Jesus. We want to strategically and intentionally shift this reality in and through every age group of Parkview’s ministries.

This plan is our desire to lead God’s people in greater love for Him and for others. We want to see more people have more opportunities to learn God’s Word and our hope is to have a plan that is biblically based and culturally relevant. We see that there are four primary areas that Scripture teaches that are key components to our spiritual growth and development:
Actively Learn                              Purposely Practice
Be In Community                            GO On Purpose

For more detail on these four areas you can download the discipleship document pdf’s here:

2016 discipleship plan

Discipleship plan