Adult Discipleship, Life Long Learning &
Small Group Ministries

It’s been a year of social distancing, Zoom calls and online learning, We are looking forward to starting our ministries up again in the Fall. We kick things off in September with our Kick-off Sunday and introducing what is planned for our ministries.

Right Now media is available to you for free to use as a digital resource for your own personal studies and devotional use. Click on the link below to sign up.
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Life Long Learning
September – May

Sunday mornings at 9:30 am for “Life Long Learning”. This is an opportunity to grow deeper in your knowledge of the Bible and in the application of scripture with daily life. The stimulating discussions and small group format also serve to deepen your relationships with others and to receive encouragement for your Christian journey. 

We have an adult Life Long learning class that meets Sunday mornings at 9:15 in the Fireside room.

Life Groups

What is a Parkview Life Group?

Life Groups are small groups that meet in homes throughout the week. They are gatherings of people meeting together regularly where you can experience:

  • Belonging (find acceptance):
    In our life groups we enter into relationships with each other to experience: acceptance, unconditional love, trust, application of scripture, support and freedom.
  • Growth:
    In our Christ–centred Life Groups, we grow in our love for God and love for others by worshiping and glorifying God in our lives, practicing the presence of Jesus, being accountable to one another, valuing the Bible as God’s promises and directions for our lives, praying for each other and for our community.
  • Relationship:
    As we build relationships with each other, we look to reach out to our community by: praying about opportunities to witness about the power of God’s grace, explore our giftedness and rely on the Holy Spirit to release those gifts to serve others, intentionally planning ways to reach out to others, creatively finding ways to be generous to those around us and carrying each others burdens.

How do I get into a group?

  1. Start a life group – You know people from your community, school, work or church with whom you feel comfortable. You can start your own small group with our assistance.
  2. Join an existing group – Many groups that meet weekly or bi-weekly welcome new people to join them.


In addition to our Church Library, we have resources available to borrow at our Downtown office location.

For a list of resources click on the link below
Small Group Resources List.