Interested in joining Parkview’s Young Adult Community?  

From people who just finished high school, to college students, to newly married couples or anywhere in-between. Parkview Young Adults is a group of people who are wanting to grow together and create community.

There are plenty of opportunities to connect with other young adults, come to our regular meetings on Wednesdays at 7 pm or join a small group. We you will join us.

Join us on facebook for our events like board game nights, movie nights, sports events and more.

Upcoming get-togethers:

  • November 9th: Are you interested in joining a small group? We meet every other week at pastor Liam’s house just email him for the address:
  • November 13: Fellowship Lunch after church in the basement
Click here to get connected:

Adopt a College Student Program

If you are a student at college, or even visiting for a short term we still would love to connect with you. Adopt a College Student program is where you will be set up with a “family” to help you feel at home while you are in Vermilion.

To sign up for the program email.

Mentoring for Young Adults

Mentoring is a huge value to our ministry and allows for great inter-generational relationships to form.

If you are interested in setting up a mentorship relationship or to connect with other Young Adults contact pastor Liam,